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Casement Windows

Casement windows are a type of window that are opened and closed like a door. It is a single hinged window that can open in all the ways. This window allows plenty of natural light to enter into your home as they are able to project outwards and can open wider than other types of windows. This helps us to enjoy more amount of natural ventilation. They are found in every size.

Secure, easy-to-use and cost-effective for all:
  • Allow maximum light into your rooms
  • Effective noise reduction
  • Safe and secure

Casement windows swings outwards or inwards. However, due to space concerns people usually avoid the type that swings inward because these types of windows take more space of the room. They are easy to open and close and because of this they are highly convenient in few areas of your home. These types of windows do not take any indoor space if it opens outwards and you can also enjoy a clear view of the outdoors while you are sitting next to the window.

Casement windows are sealed tightly when shut and therefore it prevents unwanted moistures from entering your home. These types of windows are ideal to let in sunshine and fresh air in rooms. It offers better ventilation than many other types of windows. They are also easy to clean because you can reach between the window and the frame with ease when it is fully open.




Bay Window Materials


- low maintenance simplicity
- Many colours available


- Sustainable sourced timber
- Pressured-preserved

Explore Glazing Types

Double Glazing

Our craftspeople make every double-glazed window individually to guarantee you the best energy-efficiency and finish, whatever style and material you choose.

Triple Glazing

If you're looking for additional warmth, security and noise reduction, our state-of-the triple glazing is the perfect choice for your replacement windows.

Secondary Glazing

You can benefit from increased warmth and sound insulation without replacing your current windows with our technologically-advanced and unobtrusive secondary double glazing.

We design every window with our three values in mind


Your security is of paramount importance so at Apex Glazing we manufacturer windows to reflect this. Each window is made with robust multi-chambered uPVC with welded joints for added strength against forced entry.

Energy Efficiency

All our windows achieve a high energy rating, with triple glazing guaranteeing maximum performance. With recent advancements in glass technology, our windows are more energy efficient than ever, saving you money on heating bills and helping cut carbon emissions.

Sound Reduction

All our A-rated windows provide sound protection level of 31B, however our "Safe and Sound" range goes further for those living by busy roads, flight paths and railways.