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Patio Doors

A patio door also known as a sliding glass door is typically a sliding door with a large glass window which primarily provides access to the inner entrance. It is designed to provide natural light and fresh air from the outdoors. 

Common architectures of patio doors consist of a single unit with two panel sections, one sliding and the other fixed. Other designs have wall sized glasses running from the top of the door frame to the bottom and usually have more than one panel that slides into wall pockets.
  • Tailor-made to your specification to complement the look of your home
  • High performance security – fitted with Yale anti-bump, anti-pick and anti-drill locks
  • Unrivalled levels of thermal performance from the energy efficient sealed glass units

Panels to patio doors are commonly expressed with letters O and X. While X denotes the sliding panel and O the fixed one, the expression is handy when dealing with patio doors with more than two panels. Patio doors are popularly used in condominiums, hotel rooms, apartments and as access to outer balconies.

Patio doors are also used as a separation between interior rooms and the deck, courtyard, swimming pool area and patios.

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