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Secondary Glazing

Reduce draughts, quiet unwanted noise and keep your home warm without replacing your existing windows by fitting Apex Glazing’s secondary glazing. We’ve manufactured secondary double glazing for more than 10 years, and can match it to your existing windows to unobtrusively add comfort to your home. It’s also perfect for listed buildings, as it won’t detract from your home’s traditional charm.

If you want the benefits of double glazing, but replacing your windows isn’t an option, secondary double glazing is the perfect solution. Our secondary double glazing is a great choice because it:

  • Fits seamlessly over your existing windows
  • Helps to retain warmth
  • Improves sound insulation
  • Removes draughts from your existing windows

Secondary double-glazed windows are a great choice if you live in a listed building or conservation area where replacing windows is more difficult. They’re available in a number of styles and are designed to match your existing windows, whatever the shape or size. They also offer very slim, unobtrusive sight lines on the inside and are virtually invisible on the outside.

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Advance Glazing

Fantastic Supplier! Great prices, honest and always on time. Definitely recommended for traders as well as customers!
Advance Glazing

Debbie Harley

Excellent company to use. They fitted my windows on-time and was great value for money overall!
Debbie Harley

Tierney Wells

Excellent company dealt with my quote on time and great value for money.

Tierney Wells

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